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Zoosexual lib! I had never even heard the term �Zoosexual� until this morning but it looks like Britain is legalizing it! It refers to people coupling with animals. It�s all in The Speccy



One of my Australian correspondents has asked me where I think "multi-culturalism" came from. Australia is a nation of immigrants and up until the 70s had what seemed like a universally accepted policy of assimilation for all immigrants. There was nothing heavy about it but it was assumed that everyone would learn English and that the children of immigrants would be indistinguishable from other Australians. And that was indeed mostly what happened.

But suddenly, without any discernible public discusion, debate or opportunity to vote on the matter we acquired officially-sponsored multiculturalism. Why? It would be tempting to see it as another disruptive initiative from the Left but it seems to me that the whole thing actually goes against the usual "All men are equal" dogma of the Left. I would have expected them to support assimilation -- as they long did. The Left have adapted to multiculturalism by now saying that "All cultures" are equal -- thus making it into a thoroughly pernicious and dishonest doctrine -- but I doubt that it was originally a Leftist idea. I am inclined to think that the idea sprang from do-gooders who just wanted to be kind to immigrants and who appreciated ethnic restaurants, ethnic dance etc. And pervertiing do-gooder ideas is an old Leftist strategy.

On the other hand, maybe we can blame it all on Canada. The strife they have had with their French minority made multiculturalism the only way of holding Canada together and Canada is such a great model for the wishy-washies of the world that it became widely emulated. Certainly from an Australian perspective, multiculturalism seems almost to have sprung out of nowhere.

Canada certainly does seem to carry multiculturalism to almost the point of insanity. Take a recent initiative of the City of Toronto to call their Christmas tree a "holiday" tree so as not to offend non-Christians and a similar move by the Canadian Mint to change "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in their advertising to "The Twelve Days of Giving" -- thus offending a lot of Christians. It seems that far from permitting and celebrating all cultures there (which was the original idea of multiculturalism) they have now got to the point of SUPPRESSING Christian culture!

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After reading this I can say nothing good of Canada:

From Blogs of War.

Canadian Magen David Adom is affiliated with Magen David Adom in Israel and sends them the ambulances and medical equipment which is donated by Canadians. Magen David Adom is a human rights organization, providing essential medical care/treatment to the citizens of the State of Israel, it is the Israeli version of the Red Cross. Magen David Adom treats all the people of Israel, including; Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

The Canadian government's decision to shut down Canadian Magen David Adom is unfortunate and unnecessary. (Canadian) Magen David Adom is NOT a political organization and has NOTHING to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The CCRA and the Canadian government's decision to shut down Canadian Magen David Adom will negatively affect the level of medical care in Israel for the entire population, including; Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

So Canada doesn't want it's citizens providing Israel with ambulances and medical supplies but it has no problem with them donating to the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

There must of course be a minority of decent Canadians who deplore this but why are they not shouting about it? Is it all just another aspect of their stupid anti-Americanism? USA=Israel, or some such? If there was enough outcry about this almost terrorist act, even the moron Chretien would back down.



"America has its faults as a society, as we have ours. But I think of the union of America born out of the defeat of slavery. I think of its constitution, with its inalienable rights granted to every citizen, still a model for the world. I think of a black man, born in poverty, who became chief of their armed forces and is now Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and I wonder frankly whether such a thing could have happened here. I think of all this and I reflect: yes, America has its faults, but it is a free country, it is our ally and some of the reaction to September 11 betrays a hatred of America that shames those that feel it."

Who said that? The quote is from a larger discussion of Canadian anti-Americanism. It was said by British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Good man!

Some more vitriolic comments on Anti-Americanism -- by a Greek.



I don't know where this one originally came from but it is good:

Dear Abby,
My husband is a lying cheat. He tells me he loves me, but he has cheated our entire marriage. He is a good provider and has many friends and supporters. They know he is a lying cheat, but they just avoid the issue. He is a hard worker but many of his co-workers are leery of him. Everytime he gets caught, he denies it all. Then he admits that he was wrong and begs me to forgive him. This has been going on for so long, everyone in town knows he is a cheat. Just because I am a lesbian he chooses to ignore me at home. I don't know what to do.

Dear Frustrated:
You should dump him. Now that you are a Senator for New York, you don't need him anymore


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