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In the course of the Trent Lott affair, U.S. Democrats did their best to paint all Republicans as racists and quite desperate attempts are now being made by them to tar Lott�s successor with the same brush. In the crazed minds of Leftists, even blunt pencils are seen as a sign of racism!

I have mentioned previously this quiz that lists the history of racism in the U.S. Democrats. One wonders how they can have the cheek to accuse Republicans of racism in such circumstances. �Those who live in glass houses .....� No doubt, however, liberals say that it was �only� Southern Democrats who were racist. I think therefore that I should point out that Leftists everywhere were not so long ago unashamedly racist.

One striking case in point is the immigration policy maintained by all Australian governments from 1901 to 1966. This policy was known as the �White Australia policy� and was aimed mainly at excluding Chinese immigrants from Australia. And who were always the most ardent supporters of that policy? The Australian Labor Party -- Australia's major Leftist party. It was an Australian Labor Party leader (Arthur Calwell) who became famous for his remark that, "Two Wongs don't make a white". The policy was eventually abolished by a conservative government under Harold Holt.

And are feminists conservative? Hardly. And feminists are not a new phenomenon. In the person of Margaret Sanger and others, they were very active in the USA in first half of the 20th century, advocating (for instance) abortion. And Margaret Sanger was warmly praised by none other than Hitler himself for her energetic championship of eugenics. And the American eugenicists were very racist. They shared Hitler's view that Jews were genetically inferior and opposed moves to allow into the USA Jews fleeing from Hitler (Richmond, 1998). So if Hitler's eugenics and racial theories were loathsome, it should be acknowledged that his vigorous supporters in the matter at that time were Leftists and feminists, rather than conservatives.

So Leftists racism was once ubiquitous and, going by the way Jews are treated on many American campuses today, the old prewar follies are rapidly being rediscovered by Leftists. Any Republican racism has nothing on Leftist racism.

Update: John Hudock has some additional �Quiz� items for us:

Which party voted in higher percentages for the 1964 civil rights act?
(Republicans 80% House/82% Senate vs Dems 63% House/69% Senate).

What was the party of the ex-Klansman who lead the filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act? (the 'conscience of the Senate' Robert Byrd, Democrat).

What was the party of the Senator who rounded up votes to invoke cloture to end the filibuster (Everett Dirksen, Republican)

Richmond, M. (1998) Margaret Sanger's eugenics. "Life advocate". January.



On Christmas eve, Israeli blogger Imshin wished all her Christian readers a �Merry Christmas�. I wonder if any Muslim blogger did the same? Far too childish and insecure, I would think.



Pejman has a great cartoon about the �brutal� way Americans treat their Muslim prisoners of war.



A reader has recently directed my attention to a most amusing piece of Greenie "cleverness". In a big scaremongering blub here, the United Nations climate-change panel note as proof for their contentions that "the Arctic ice is thinning". Those in the know would all laugh about that one. The statement is of course true. BUT did you notice that word "arctic"? Why not "polar"? Because the ANTARCTIC ice is thickening! What fun! We good guys down in Australia are making up for those bad guys in the USA see!

What a lot of dishonest nonsense it all is. You can prove anything by the sort of selective use of evidence that the Greens rely on.



One of the latest capers of the Left is to blame drug-companies and vaccines for the rise in cases of autism that have been reported in recent years. The Lefties particularly condemn a particular preservative (Thimerosal) used in many vaccines. The fact that the same preservative has been used in vaccines for 60 years without giving cause for concern does not seem to hold the Lefties up one bit. Charles Murtaugh (post of 22nd) has a few good shots at the nonsense being written on the subject at the moment.

Blissful Knowledge has been blogging on the topic lately too.



"My friends, I must tell you that a Socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Although it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the Liberalism and Radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that Socialism is inseparably interwoven with Totalitarianism and the abject worship of the State. It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at; but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of Socialism."

Words of Winston CHURCHILL: Pre-Election radio broadcast, June 4th., 1945


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