Friday, December 20, 2002


Larry Elder says:

This in no way excuses the bone-headed, offensive remarks made by Lott. But let's apply the same standard to non-Republicans.

and Elder goes on to show how much Democrat racism there is. After all, both Thurmond and Lott started out as Democrats.



One of my correspondents writes:

Monday night a Black Republican man called the Michael Savage show. He said he supported Trent Lott until he saw him on Black Entertainment TV, and Lott said he favored affirmative action.

Then the caller told his story. He had scored 99% on an exam to be a police officer (in Boston, I believe). He lost the job to a White woman with a lower score.

The largest numbers of affirmative action giveaways are to White women, simply because there are more of them. This is shameful and apparently unknown to many Blacks, who really have been duped to believe that it is all about them. Why do they think White liberals (largely women) support this nonsense - because of "caring"? Many of these same women are also obtaining special treatment under affirmative action - why would they vote conservative?

For more on the harm done by affirmative action, see this account of the long-term outcome of the famous Bakke case.



The bedrock of the Greenie argument for global warming is climate modelling -- in which a whole series of assumptions are fed into a computer program and out pops a prediction for the future. In a recent email Tim Gillin notes how incredibly overconfident this is and compares it to the stockmarket gurus who ran a firm called "Long Term Capital Management". The LTCM gurus convinced many important people of the wisdom of their predictions only to end up getting their predictions disastrously wrong -- much to the mortification of their investors.

Another one of these ideas that needs to be taken skeptically is climatic modelling. Computer modelling of the economy (econometrics) is interesting but hardly a predictive science. Same goes for computerised horse tipping systems. In fact people who have bet money on these systems have lost big time. Ever heard of an outfit called "Long-Term Capital Management"?

The earth's climatic system is probably as complex as the world economy or any horse race gambler's "system" ... and even less well understood. Why make a multi-trillion dollar bet on a "clima-metric" model that is probably flawed? That is what the Greenhouse lobby is asking us to do. It probably makes more sense to build up reserve funds "for a rainy day" and use that surplus to help us deal with come what may. Isn't that the case for economic growth?



A great article by Neal Boortz here. As Peter Cuthbertson comments:

Haters of the rich exist everywhere and what Neal Boortz does is examine sympathetically the mindset of people who make bad decisions in life, most often taking the easy road, and end up working tough, boring jobs for little reward. Isn't it so much easier, he asks, for such people to blame the rich than for them to examine themselves and their choices critically? How much simpler and better for them it would be if it wasn't their own freely chosen decisions that led to their present state, but the conspiracies and exploitation of those who did better.

Please read the whole article, and bear in mind as you do the famous
Economist statistic regarding American poverty - that your chance of being poor is 0.5% providing you do three things: (i) complete high school, (ii) marry and stay married and (iii) take a job, even at minimum wage. It's a figure worth remembering next time you cringe at someone saying that poverty is largely self-inflicted. For 199 out of every 200, it very nearly is.



The animal rights brigade will hate this one. Even The New York Times is calling for a mass culling of America's millions of deer. The animal rights people come from all over the world to protest Australia's practice of culling some of our millions of kangaroos so I imagine this call will whip up a storm too.

Via Blissful Knowledge.



The opportunity for large-muscle movements is a "vitamin". Even prisoners are entitled to an hour in the yard. But there is ongoing curtailment in American schools of the opportunities for play involving large-muscle movements, bodily movements over space, and the conduct of lively games many of which by preference appear to be competitive.

This is both a reflection of fears of lawsuits against school boards, teachers, equipment makers, and the like, but it reflects an anti-male bias by feminizing school systems. These have clearly been configured more to female than male nature and one result is that females are decisively more successful in the system academically as well as emotionally--in colleges and universities there are some 57% females to 43% males. There is apparently a nine to one ratio of male to female victims of Ritalin and similar behavioral management drugs. Perhaps because males throughout the primates like to move around more than females, human ones in particular are being penalized for their nature. They are required to become drug users by those responsible for their welfare. Obviously such drugs are useful for some individuals. But it becomes highly suspicious when the sex ratio of prescriptions is so remarkably skewed. Is this about the students, or about the system they are in?

Lionel Tiger.



There were a lot of good scientific links on IQ & PC yesterday pointing to the genetic origins of intelligence.



I have given up posting on the large throng of Leftist Canadians but The Rottweiler is still savaging them.


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