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Blogs of War reports on a group Canada considers a humanitarian organization:

The leader of the Lebanese Muslim group Hezbollah is urging a global suicide bombing campaign, increasing the prospect that the regional conflict between Arabs and Israelis will expand to mimic or even merge with al Qaeda's war against the West. "I encourage Palestinians to take suicide bombings worldwide. Don't be shy about it," he added. Both speeches were broadcast by a Hezbollah-owned TV station in Lebanon.

The newspaper also reported that Bill Graham, the Canadian minister of foreign affairs, had decided not to outlaw Hezbollah in its entirety because the group is also involved in social and political work in Lebanon. The group has been using Canada as a source of money, forged documents, stolen cars, recruits and military-use equipment.

Decent people everywhere should do what they can to urge that the Canadian government should (at least) ban fundraising by Hezbollah. Contact Canadian PM Jean Chretien to demand an end to his outrageous policy. Please E-mail him today!

Right Honourable Jean Chretien, PC, QC, MP
Prime Minister of Canada
Parliament of Canada
Ottawa, Canada
Fax: (613) 995-0101

One of my Australian correspondents writes:
"Thanks for the stuff on Canada. I was in Canada last September, just after the Sept 11 bombing, and was horrified by the extreme Leftist views of the populace.�



The great enemy of the Christmas spirit in literature is of course Dickens� Ebenezer Scrooge. And Scrooge was not exactly a loved or praised figure. That Dickens was a �social reformer� in his day does therefore make it all the more strange that the Left of today have adopted Scrooge as their own. As Trevor Sykes (a.k.a �Pierpont�) reports:

�The kindergartens of Victoria have launched an anti-Santa campaign this Christmas. At last count, about 50 kindergartens had banned Santa and were going to entertain their tots with magicians or clowns instead so as not to offend minority groups.

If the teachers are really conscientious objectors to Santa and Christmas, Pierpont assumes they will not recognise Christmas at all and keep working right through the Yuletide holidays. If they did that, perhaps some Australian offspring might emerge from our education system with an IQ somewhere above single-digit levels.�

It is of course a pure Leftist lie that Xmas �offends� non-Xians. Nobody had ever heard of any such thing until Leftists invented it and to this day I have yet to hear one non-Xian claim such offence. In reality the whole anti-Xmas project is nothing more than the usual childish Leftist attempt to draw attention to themselves by attacking worthy institutions that are in fact supports to the good life and comfort of ordinary people. Now that Buddhists, Confucians and Communists in Japan and China are eagerly adopting Christmas and its trappings, it really shows how �offensive� to other religions Christmas is, doesn�t it? Even to Muslims, Christ is a great prophet.

(For Australian readers: The link above also gives an excellent debunking of the myths surrounding the economic record of the Australian Left�s no. 1 Saint -- Gough Whitlam)



Twin-Ruler is right to question the way the holocaust is sometimes described as �uniquely evil�. Whether done by Nazis like Hitler, Communists like Stalin or Fascists like Saddam Hussein, vast brutality and murder regrettably has many parallels throughout human history. In the 20th century, however, the worst examples were all done in the name of �socialism�, whether national, international or �Ba�athist�. In today�s civilized society, Leftists need to hide their real motives beneath a cloak of claimed �compassion� but the real motivation underneath that cloak is primitive savagery. �By their fruits shall ye know them�, as a wise man once said.



I often enjoy seeing people take up points that I have previously written about. I have previously noted the racism implicit in the low expectations that Leftists seem to have for anyone non-Western and I see that Andrew Sullivan has now taken up precisely that point in his post of December 3rd.

My fellow psychometrician, Kimberly Swygert also makes a similar point about low expectations held for American black academic performance -- in her post of 5th.



Britain�s BBC 4 website featured a short extract of an �email of the day� yesterday which said, among other things:

It's a tax on people who cannot afford it - The real problem is that income tax isn't high enough..

Such wit and originality! But it does tell you where the BBC is coming from. For more on Britain�s �public service� broadcaster see here.



The recent handgun shooting in Melbourne suggested that Australia�s last lot of gun restrictions and buybacks did no good and Alex Robson reports that the statistics show that too. So perhaps we can be glad that the second round of restrictions that the Melbourne tragedy sparked now looks to have been just about scuppered by Federal/State bickering. It has just been announced that the second round of restrictions/buybacks will take only 20% of existing handguns out of circulation! What on earth is the point of that? Yet another idiotic waste of taxpayer funds.



Since Vin Ferrari has just posted that �JOHN RAY IS BRILLIANT�, I think you had better go and read the blog of such a sensible guy!


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