Sunday, February 09, 2003


This gave me a good laugh: Greenpeace now wants to ban peanuts! It certainly shows them up for the crazies they are.

Also: �The envirowackos have won again... birds encroaching on a temporary dry lake have been granted property rights!. Read the whole sorry story here

There is a good short summary of why environmentalism is a religion for many people here.

Razib notes that Green is not only the colour of the Environmentalists but also the colour of Islam. And of course it is also the colour of the Irish. So what is it that causes green to be associated with so much irrationality? (I can get away with calling the Irish irrational given my own substantial Irish ancestry).



The Curmudgeon gave me a laugh: Another thing. I always thought that if you jumped up off your feet in an airplane, you'd be slammed into the rear bulkhead. After my friends laughed at me, I know it can't be true, but whenever I start to try it - like on the way to the lavatory, I'm too embarrassed to jump up, so I don't really know. I guess it�s all relative!

Only Australians will understand this but Happy 80th birthday to Vegemite!

Can a megalomaniac get bored by his own propaganda? It seems that He can!

Bridgeblogger Floyd McWilliams has picked up my post about the Germanic origins of the English yesterday and highlights some puzzles in it.

The Wicked one has a sexy-sounding link and more on French corruption.

Chris Brand has more on Hitler as a betrayer.

Michael Darby has posts on subsidies to the arts, free trade and Zimbabwean savagery,


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