Sunday, February 23, 2003


Shiny Happy Gulag (from Canada) has some good posts up at the moment -- from quoting Nye Bevan at the French to throwing the Swedish example at Canadian socialized medicine.

Now that China is blocking Blogspot again, this graphic is pretty appropriate.

Here is someone who regrets trying �alternative� therapy. Via Secular Blasphemy.

This is a good one for animal lovers: A cockatoo that attacked intruders and led to their conviction for murder. Via Betsy�s Page.

Elephant Rants has some good quotes at the moment -- about soldiers, Ann Coulter and �human shields�

Marc Miyake has an amusing link to what is now regarded as politically correct speech. Apparently it is hard these days to speak of your own grandmother without offending against political correctness!

The Curmudgeon has moved house on the net and has some very funny news headlines up at the moment.

That oldtime British actress and all-purpose Leftist agitator, Vanessa Redgrave, has proposed her solution to the Iraq problem: Declare Saddam Hussein a war criminal and bring him before the International Criminal Court. She does not say how we might get him there, however. You couldn�t call that thinking, but that�s Leftism for you. Via Conservative Commentary.

Useful Fools has a link to a NYT article about �Ethnomathematics�. Marc Miyake was heaping scorn on �Hawaiian� mathematics a few months ago but the nonsense goes on.

Cronaca summarizes a British report that suggests that crime has become enormously problematical there -- far worse that what official statistics reveal.

Michael Darby has some thoughts on the nature of government intelligence-gathering plus a horrible story from Zimbabwe.

Chris Brand looks at the basic questions about the nature of IQ or �g�

The Wicked one has a couple of good jokes up.


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