Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Wow! Even The Guardian is ganging up on the antiwar Left! Saying: The Stop the War coalition is the greatest threat to any hope for a democratic Iraq. Some loyalty to their own claimed principles may be breaking out on the Left.

�Spiked� has a charitable interpretation of the motives behind those in the recent �Peace� marches. I see them as just Leftist exhibitionists but ....

The Infidel has a link to the horror that the �peace� marchers are really supporting.

Andrew Ian Dodge has an amusing bit of �future history� about what could shortly happen to Tony Blair if the Left of his UK Labour party get too stroppy.

You would never know it from the Australian newspapers but apparently there is an Americas cup yacht race going on in New Zealand at the moment. And the Kiwis are being beaten by a SWISS boat! Switzerland is a long way from the sea! NZ Pundit is following it.

Richard Webster has another appalling story about the gross injustice that characterizes official paedophile enquiries in Britain. The way innocent people are penalized over there does make the term �British justice� quite a mockery. British carelessness about justice would be more like it.

Say Uncle has some rather amusing comments on what bloggers do to get traffic to their site.

Chris Brand has a sophisticated coverage of the nature/nurture debate

Michael Darby has a great essay about how the USA is seen as �evil� no matter what it does.

The Wicked one is having shots at Catholics and the French.


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