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Whatever you think about Patrick Buchanan -- and I think he is totally WRONG in trying to hang on to American isolationism and thus opposing war with Iraq -- you have to concede that he does know his history (and maybe even his herstory too!). And when he is talking about history in which he himself took part, he is very hard to argue with. So this summary of the anti-racist deeds of one Richard Milhous Nixon is hard to fault:

"Between 1969 and 1974, Nixon, who believed that blacks had gotten a raw deal in America and wanted to extend a helping hand:

Raised the civil-rights enforcement budget 800 percent; doubled the budget for black colleges; appointed more blacks to federal posts and high positions than any president, including LBJ; adopted the Philadelphia Plan mandating quotas for blacks in unions, and for black scholars in colleges and universities; invented "Black Capitalism" (the Office of Minority Business Enterprise), raised U.S. purchases from black businesses from $9 million to $153 million, increased small-business loans to minorities 1,000 percent, and increased U.S. deposits in minority-owned banks 4000 percent; raised the share of Southern schools that were desegregated from 10 percent to 70 percent."

So a supposedly "racist" Republican outdid practically everyone else in his pro-black deeds! How on earth Republicans have allowed the Dems to portray them as anti-Black and thus usurp most of the black vote is in the circumstances a major mystery. A fool like Trent Lott just has say a few maudlin words harking back to his DEMOCRAT past and vast kindly deeds by Republican adminstrations are forgotten. One gets the impression that in American politics, words speak a lot louder than deeds. No wonder the politically-correct brigade are always trying to change the words we use!



Tim Gillin writes:

Some good news:

Ian Plimer has won the Eureka science book prize for his

Amidst all the champagne and caviar, the thought police of the official media seem to have missed that Ian's great Australian-oriented history of our planet endorses some ideas familiar with readers of DISSECTING LEFTISM. Ian discusses the early peopling of Australia in terms of successive waves of incoming negritos and the equally unfashionable view that climate change is a constant and the equally unfashionable view that the real threat to mankind is not greenhouse but prolonged, dry "ice house" periods. His book also shows that major meteorite collision is a much more common event that most people imagine, with Australia having absorbed many major hits in the past

Ian debates with a Greenhouse devotee here



All this media attention to lottery winners serves only to glorify gambling. And the lottery is a bigger rip-off than any other form of legalized gambling. ran an experiment to see what would happened if it made 10,000 random selections and entered them in each of 479 drawings in the British lottery. Result: An "investment" of $4,790,000 returned just $1,375,082, which means that each $10,000 "invested" would have cost the player $7,129.

A lottery, notes, is "a tax on the poor and the stupid." The next time some liberal journalist complains about "tax cuts for the rich," consider how his colleagues in the media help enable the government to soak the poor.




UK's Tesco supermarket chain uses deadly black widow spiders as a "natural pesticide" in their grape vineyards in California leading to three customers finding the spiders on their purchased grape bunches. Two of the spiders were still alive.

Tesco says they were just responding to customer demand for keeping their food all "natural," for those of you who think "all natural" has to be better and who forget that poison ivy, rattlesnakes, influenza, salmonella and the black plague are "all natural" too.

But Tesco says finding the live deadly black widow spiders on their grapes is a good thing. "The fact that the spiders are alive is evidence that we're not using pesticides - because if we were they'd be dead," says their well-pleased spokesperson. Or in other words finding people dead from black widow bites is just evidence that they aren't using pesticides and everyone should be happy.

From: UK Sun 27-Nov-02.

Summary by Jerry Lerman.



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