Friday, January 10, 2003


I have just received the following email from Alf Croucher, author of the China Hand blog.

China bloggers are in withdrawal - I can no longer access the Rays of Wisdom which shine like beacons in a dark world of liberalism. Any site is blocked. I am getting emails from desperate bloggers here resentful of the fact that they only said good things about China and are being punished for it. As my good friend Jean Guy says - no good deed shall go unpunished!

Tax comment
I am told that Krugman has condemned the Bush Tax cuts as a break for the rich. If he checks his own figures he will see that the vast amount of high risk business investment comes from the rich. Soaking them only cuts back on jobs. Of course he will also see they pay much more tax than the poor. But the ability of the liberal to bleat, even when fully trained in economics is amazing. Why do they so desperately desire to be liked? Last night an old acquaintance was being interviewed on problems in HK and said "Sorry to be unpopular but it is the lower levels of the HK government which need to be cut - not the upper levels". Hear! Hear!

The email to China still seems to be working so while this goes on please email people you know in China with stuff that might be of interest to them. I emailed Alf with the entire contents of my last couple of days of blogging!


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