Friday, January 03, 2003


Jeff Jacoby has an incredible list of the waste of money that Taxachusetts inflicts on its hapless taxpayers. One would think that it was enough to make a libertarian out of anyone.

I have just put up here what I call a "Libertarian Tract" -- a very small piece of literature that can be used with a wide variety of people to introduce them to libertarian ideas. Copyright is hereby granted to all and sundry.



There are SOME ways in which Australia is a kindlier haven for capitalism than is the USA. I noted this extract from the Wall Street Journal on Commonsense and Wonder:

One of the first tasks for incoming Treasury Secretary John Snow is fixing the double taxation of dividends, once as corporate profits, and again by whoever receives them. Go right ahead. But as an investor, I avoid companies that pay dividends like the plague.

Australia, of course, eliminated double taxation on company dividends years ago -- which is one reason why our companies are much more likely to pay dividends than are U.S. companies and why our stockmarket is more stable and less overvalued. Beat that!



Tim Gillin has just sent me a fun story that the Greenies wil NOT like at all:

Neither Tim nor I are physicists so maybe there is something we have overlooked but it seems that the favourite Greenie power source (solar cells) actually needs the the most hated Greenie power source (nuclear reactors) in its manufacture. So no nuclear = no solar!

Here is the logic: Solar Power panels are manufactured with DOPED SILICON. But DOPED SILICON is manufactured in nuclear power plants.

And Australia's nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights in Sydney -- which has been much attacked by the Greenies -- is actually a major supplier of doped silicon!



As many conservatives predicted, the total ban on handguns in Britain seems to have done nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The latest tragedy.



Silent Running have a most interesting quotation up that we should all remember when Lefties tell us that we should just try to UNDERSTAND Saddam and the Muslim terrorists.



Bovination points out at some length that the recent deliberately-lit fires in most of Australia's immigrant detention centres prove once and for all how right the Australian government has been to be careful of letting these Muslim thugs into our country.



One of my Indian readers liked my various observations on IQ and wrote as follows:

I found your article very amusing. I suggest we need to take an IQ/EQ test of Leftists to see what really is wrong with these guys. In India the Leftists have an absolute monopoly in the media. Leftists in India have thrived under Nehru's Leftist system. I have come to the conclusion that Leftists are actually anarchists. Where ever there is order (like in West) they will try to disrupt it. Where ever there is disorder like most states in India Leftists try to protect it. This I believe is because they are scared of order and feel more secure in chaos. Maybe they feel they can get easy opportunities by exploiting the chaos. Any order or harmony might expose their intellectual inabilities.

In India the most progressive states like Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi and Maharashtra are Right-leaning states. In Gujarat the Leftist media created a disinformation campaign about the Right wing government there. The Right Wing government was already facing a huge anti-incumbency mood after 15 years of continuous governance and also a negative public mood because of recent the earthquake, drought and cyclone. But thanks to the completely biased and irrational Leftist propaganda the public swung heavily towards the Right, giving it the best victory ever.
One more thing I want tell you. One of the characteristics of Leftists is they harbor a deep suspicion and hatred of law enforcement agencies. I always wondered, why. Then I thought what type of law enforcement would Leftists like and immediately China, North Korea, USSR and even the Left-ruled States in India flashed before my eyes. Therefore I concluded that Leftists are looking out for a devil which is inside them. In India there is a proverb which says a "thief thinks everyone is a thief" -- Which suits these folks very well. They are an immoral bunch for whom morality is an intellectual exercise rather than something felt in the breast.



Michael Darby has a link to a free book on Free Trade and Chris Brand has a link to book review about current educational experimentation.


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