Tuesday, November 26, 2002


If there are any bookbuyers left out there in the Blogosphere, this book by Brink Lindsey looks worth considering. He points out that globalization is just an extension onto the international stage of the long struggle against government intervention in business activity generally. Now that we know how destructive and impoverishing government intervention in business is, we should not be surprised that government intervention in the international activities of business is equally counter-productive. Brink Lindzey also has an occasional blog here.



In his post of 22nd., Twin Ruler points out that the patriotism of the American Militia movement is just another example of �Ethnic Pride�. Leftists are all very much in favour of ethnic pride but see the Militia movement as the incarnation of all that is evil. Clearly, being anti-white matters to them a lot more than being consistent.



I put up a link to an article about reform in North Korea recently and referred the story to Marc Miyake, who is one of the world's rarest people -- someone who reads the North Korean press daily. There would not even be many North Koreans who do that. He has replied that he sees NO evidence in the North Korean press of a shift towards capitalism. Sad.



Amax is pretty enraged at the total lies about global warming being broadcast by our ABC. His solution?

Australians deserve a better national broadcasting service, but in my opinion the only way to clear out endemic political bias is to shut the entire freaking commission down. Furthermore, because of the regular use of ABC broadcasts beyond our shores, our standing in the Pacific area is being compromised by witchdoctor predictions from unaccountable environmental nutters saying whatever they please. It is high time these people were shut down!

I am inclined to agree that a totally fresh start would be the only way to excise the bias in our public broadcaster. Perhaps we could call the replacement entity the �PBS� -- although the American PBS is hardly a flawless model either.



The Progressive Social Policy Centre has lots of good articles up on the need for rationality in politics. Their paper on the destructiveness of political correctness in Britain is particularly good and they also have lots on the way an understanding of our biology should influence the policies we adopt. "All men are UN-equal" seems to be their motto.



Here's a funny one! Michael Medved points out that American blacks watch MUCH more TV than whites. Yet our wiseheads believe that watching a lot of TV is bad for you. So maybe all that TV watching holds blacks back. But how can we blame THAT on whites? Nobody forces blacks to turn on their TVs. Medved's cheeky conclusion is that we should have FEWER blacks in US TV programs so that watching TV is less attractive to blacks!



"Foreign aid is the process by which money is taken from poor people in rich countries and given to rich people in poor countries.

Attributed to Peter Bauer on Samizdata.



Before the collapse of communism, this Russian guy loses his pet parrot. He looks everywhere, all around the neighbourhood, in the park, everywhere. He can't find the parrot. Finally he goes around to the KGB office, and tells the desk officer his problem.
The officer is a little puzzled. "Look, comrade, I'm sorry you lost your bird, but this is the KGB. We don't handle missing animal reports."
"Oh, I know that", says the guy. "I just wanted you to know, if you find my parrot... I don't know where he could have picked up all his political ideas."


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