Friday, March 12, 2004


I abandoned this site about a year ago when posting to it became difficult. To my considerable suprise, however, there are still 70 links to this site on other blogs (compared with over 200 links on my new site) and I note that many readers come to my new site via my old site. To assist such readers, therefore, I have decided that I might as well put up my day's postings here as well. I will however put them up about 12 hours later here to encourage people to bookmark my new site instead. If new postings cease to go up here, however, it will will be due to problems with blogspot. I already have TWO blogspot sites that I am no longer able to access.

Click here for my new site.

And if BOTH blogspot sites go out of action, try my mirror site. My mirror sites actually go up a little BEFORE my new blogspot site.

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