Monday, September 09, 2002

(Under the heading: �ANTI-RACIST HYPOCRISY�)

Perhaps it not labouring the point also to ask who it was that described his movement as having a �revolutionary creative will� which had �no fixed aim, � no permanency, only eternal change�. It could very easily have been Trotsky or Mao but it was in fact Hitler (O�Sullivan, 1983. p. 138). Clearly, Nazism was nothing more nor less than a racist form of Leftism (rather extreme Leftism at that) and to claim that it was Rightist or anything else is to deny reality.

To reinforce the point that Nazism was in fact Leftist, we might also note: Hitler always campaigned as a socialist and champion of the worker and the full name of Hitler's political party -- generally abbreviated as "Nazi" -- says it all: Die Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (�The National Socialist German Worker's Party�). So, as a good socialist does, Hitler justified everything he did in the name of �the people� (Das Volk). The Nazi State was, like the Soviet State, all-powerful, and the Nazi party, in good socialist fashion, supervised German industry minutely. And of course Hitler and Stalin were initially allies. It was only the Nazi-Soviet pact that enabled Hitler�s conquest of Western Europe. The fuel in the tanks of Hitler�s Panzers as they stormed through France was Soviet fuel.

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